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Consulting & Training Subscription Plans

We offer training from sales fundamentals to brand management. Fast-track your brand positioning and gain market share with years worth of experience playing in your favor.

Support is available on a weekly basis. 


Save time and money as you venture into a new business. Can't afford a full-time marketing team yet? We exist to equip you as a business owner to set best practices from the beginning within your budget.

Subscribe to the Starter plan and have access to:

✔️ An initial consultation

✔️ Monthly 2-hour personalized workshop

✔️ Weekly online assistance from a team of experts

Educate and empower your team and together move forward to success. 

Do your collaborators understand how the daily operations of your business impact your relationship with the customer? They will now.

Subscribe to the Plus plan and have access to:  

✔️ An initial consultation

✔️ Internal and External Communications Diagnosis 

✔️ Monthly 2-hour personalized workshop focused on teams

✔️ Weekly online assistance from a team of experts


Get fresh eyes on your marketing strategies! If your rock-star marketing team has experienced creativity block, desensitization to common operational/marketing issues due to familiarity, or even if they have a different type of background and would like to learn more about marketing applied to the hospitality and food industry, we are here to help them!

✔️ An initial consultation

✔️ Full marketing plan diagnosis, including analysis of market positioning, social listening, and PR initiatives.

✔️ Monthly 4-hour personalized workshop

✔️ Weekly online assistance from a team of experts

In-House Marketing Plans

Leave the marketing tasks to the marketing professionals and optimize your time and resources. Sign up to one of our plans below and stand out in a crowded market. 


Increase your social media presence and drive traffic to your business online.

*This plan focuses on social media maintenance.

Sign up to the Standard plan and have access to:

✔️ 30-min initial consultation with Sabiá's founder

✔️ Social media profile update

✔️ Visual and written content for publications

✔️ Social Media Management that includes content production and editing, and scheduling

✔️ Daily interaction with the audience via messages and comments

✔️ Photography provided

✔️ Monthly report with analytics

✔️ Bonus Feature: Google Reviews Management



Website management to be negotiated, if needed.


Achieve more results with a strategic and comprehensive digital marketing plan. 

*This plan accounts for the development of a digital strategy plan and its phased implementation.

Sign up to the Premium plan and have access to:

✔️ One hour consultation with Sabiá's founder

✔️ One-year Digital Marketing Strategy aligned with the brand's overarching goals, positioning, and identity 

✔️ Social Media Management: content production and editing, scheduling, relationship management & follow-ups. 

✔️ Influencer Relations

✔️ This plan supports ad placements

✔️ Monthly report with analytics

✔️ Photography and videography provided

✔️ Bonus Feature: Google Reviews Management


Website management to be negotiated, if needed.

Sales and Support

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