Why Us

Our Core



We're true to our partners and collaborators. We act out of integrity and respect for their ambitions, goals, and efforts.


We go the extra mile for you. Achieve business growth,  longevity and recognition in the market.


We work together with our collaborators to leverage each other's knowledge and experience!


Meet Us

Our Founder - Jessica Santos

Jessica ran her own restaurant, audited dozens of restaurants as a Food Inspector, and worked on multiple marketing campaigns for food business, including a national franchise in Canada. It's with that expertise that she created materials and processes to effectively equip clients in their ventures.  

Our Agency

Sabiá Agency's name was inspired by Jessica’s father story. He was a man known for his fierce desire to work regardless of his circumstances. Despite being an orphan at age 11, he would wake up at sunrise with the the birds singing, mainly sabiás, to get the day started and achieve success. As a teenager, he moved to the big city carrying nature’s wisdom with him. Years later, he managed to open his own business and be successful. 

Sabiá is the national bird of Brazil, which is their home country. It is a songbird that inspired many famous songs, such as The Song of Sabiá by Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It also represents hope and the longing for that connection with your roots. This is Jessica’s way to honour her father and the desire to be connected with not only him, but the fierce entrepreneur that he was and raised her to be. 

To all business owners out there willing to step outside of their comfort zone and achieve their dreams, Jessica’s promise is to work in partnership and collaborate with your business endeavours with respect, responsibility, and joy.

We know that our clients’ success is our success!